Innovative DC and AC power station for all electric cars

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Innovative DC and AC power station for all electric cars

Wien Energie GmbH

Location: Vienna, Austria


On behalf of Wien Energie, ABB has set up a "Terra 52" quick-charging station in the Business Park Vienna, which combines direct-current rapid charging and alternating current semi-rapid charging in one unit. The innovative charging station from ABB makes it possible to charge all modern electric vehicles currently available on the market, as quickly as possible.

By means of a DC charge based on the CHAdeMO standard, the battery of an electric car can be charged up to 80% within 20-30 minutes. On the basis of the type 2 charging connector, it is possible to charge up to 22 kW on an alternating current basis. Depending on the particular vehicle, for example, single-phase charging of up to 7.3 kW is also possible.

In addition to a multi-lingual color LCD display and an RFID card reader, the stainless-steel quick-charging

station has a low-temperature module, which enables full functionality up to a temperature of -30 ° C.

ABB's network-capable rapid-loading infrastructure allows operators to create billing systems to interface with their existing back-office applications, as well as to retrieve various status information and statistics through a specially developed web browser tool, and to perform authorization management, for example RFID cards.

In Austria ABB already built the first network of direct-current rapid-charging stations for electric vehicles within the VLOTTE model region in Vorarlberg. The charging station in Business Park Vienna will be integrated into the already existing TANKE charging infrastructure network of Wien Energie and will be available to all owners of a TANKE card in the future.

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