Hybrid Collector - combined heat and power generation

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Hybrid Collector - combined heat and power generation

Company: SunWin Energy Systems GmbH

Location: Pasching, Austria


To produce heat and electricity from solar energy has so far only been possible with two separate systems. With the development of the hybrid collector, SunWin Energy Systems GmbH has created a significant innovation in solar collectors. The hybrid collector combines electricity and heat generation in a collector. The hybrid collectors have an electrical output of 145 to 340 watts. The solar glasses of these hybrid collectors are coated with 36 highly efficient polycrystalline solar cells made of thin high-purity silicon disks.

Besides the simultaneous production of heat and electricity, the "snow melting function" is. If the collectors are covered with snow, hot water from the store is sent through the collectors for a short time to keep it free of snow. As a result, the electricity production

during the winter months is significantly increased.

Thanks to the hybrid function, in addition to electricity, hot water is generated during the summer months; additional operation of a boiler for generating hot water is no longer necessary.

Already more than 200 hybrid systems have been installed in family homes as well as hotel complexes. The hybrid collectors & nbsp; are certified Solar-Keymark, guaranteeing high quality and long service life. Each collector is equipped with a sensor tube, which leads to a reduction in the logistics area and a time saving in assembly. The use of highly selective, laser-welded aluminum absorber and float glass as well as the small distance between the individual collectors also result in an optically high-quality appearance.

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