Heat Pump & Geothermal Energy

Hocheffiziente Nutzung von Strom für die Wärmeproduktion Highly efficient usage of electricity for the production of heat

Austrian expertise is internationally recognised

The share of the export market in total sales amounted to 30.2% in 2015, which is only slightly smaller than in 2014. The heat pump (production, trade, installation and value of environmental heat) business achieved a total turnover of 515 million euros in 2015 and had an employment effect of approximately 1,474 full-time jobs. Furthermore, the use of heat pumps prevented 560,980 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

The total sales of heat pumps (domestic market plus export market) rose by 5.8% from 31,137 plants in 2014 to 32,931 plants in 2015. Growth was observed in both the domestic market (+ 7.3%) and the export market (+2.4 %).

The growth in the domestic market mainly consisted of small heating heat pumps of up to 10 kW (+ 21.4%) and heating heat pumps of more than 20 kW to 50 kW (+ 12.2%). All other areas of performance and applications were stagnating or declining. In the export market, the area of domestic hot water pumps also recorded a plus of 4.9%.

Currently research and development efforts

focus on heat pump systems in combination swith other technologies, e.g. solar thermal systems or photovoltaic plants, to the development of new energy services such as room cooling and air-conditioning, as well as building restoration in the sanitation area. The use of new operating power such as natural gas and the use in smart grids complement the innovation spectrum

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