Häusermann GmbH increases internal energy efficiency by using innovative energy technologies

Häusermann GmbH increases internal energy efficiency by using innovative energy technologies

Company: Häusermann GmbH

Location: Gars am Kamp, Austria


The goals of Häusermann GmbH were the reduction of CO2 emissions and the improvement of cost structures in the company. In order to increase the in-house resource efficiency, a number of environmental engineering measures for energy saving and efficient energy conversion have been successfully implemented (waste heat utilization, optimization of the cooling system and extraction systems, etc.). This example shows that companies with no direct contact points for environmental

technology, the core business of Häusermann GmbH represents the production of printed circuit boards and foil keypads, can achieve considerable economic and ecological advantages through the use of environmental technologies in their own company.

The existing cooling system has been modified in such a way that it consumes only 40% of the originally required energy when the cooling load remains constant. Furthermore, waste heat, which is released in production processes and has remained unused so far, is utilized for the heating of baths or rooms. In addition, idle times at exhaust systems were compensated for by control technology.

Motion detectors ensure that the operating times of ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration systems in the clean rooms are adjusted to meet requirements. The compressed air consumption at handling equipment could be significantly reduced by optimizing the holding times. Fluorescent lamps were removed from those areas that were too much illuminated.

The one-time investment costs in the amount of 300,000 euros are amortized in just three years. The energy saving achieved is 1,230,000 kWh / a. This corresponds to a reduction of CO2 emissions by 350 tonnes per year. Through a sustained reduction in energy costs, the entire package of measures helps the company to remain successful in global competition and thus contributes to safeguarding jobs at the site.

Die Häusermann GmbH wurde aufgrund der umfassenden Aktivitäten zur Steigerung der innerbetrieblichen Ressourceneffizienz für den Staatspreis Umwelt- und Energietechnolgien 2010 in der Kategorie Energie & Effizienz nominiert.

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