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Crowdfunding for sustainable companies with two Austrian founders

There are so many good business ideas. GREEN ROCKET is the first Crowdfunding platform in Europe to specialize in the future of energy, environment, mobility and health. Everyone has the opportunity to invest online in selected companies (equity-based crowdfunding or "crowding") and profit

from their growth. The variety of investment opportunities ranges from start-ups and first-stage companies to the financing of established companies. As an investor, you are a venture capital investor and manages your own portfolio of attractive, future-oriented company interests. Crowdfunding at GREEN ROCKET, quite simply explained.


Mission and approach

Everyone should be able to participate in the future. GREEN ROCKET has set itself the goal of creating a professional crowdfunding platform that is so simple that anyone with small amounts can invest in sustainable business ideas. In doing so, we are committed to discovering the best start-ups and companies in the field of sustainability, and are particularly pressing ahead with the future issues of energy, the environment, mobility and health. Successful, sustainable startups and companies can thereby finance their growth with capital from many investors. In doing so, investors have the opportunity to participate in very small amounts of business ideas that can change our world and profit from the future successes of start-ups and companies.  

Thousands of investors form the crowd of GREEN ROCKET. They want to make more of their money and invest in sustainable business models on the crowdfunding platform, of which they are enthusiastic. By spreading the investments to several companies, investors can reduce their risk and build their own personal portfolio. Everyone can register as an investor free of charge and without obligation. 

The crowd can bundle enough capital to enable the business idea,

the startup or the company to start properly. GREEN ROCKET offers the ideal infrastructure for a secure and transparent investment process. Currently, up to € 1.5 million per enterprise can be invested at GREEN ROCKET (since September 2015). GREEN ROCKET supports the start-ups and companies even after the crowdfunding in the acquisition of larger follow-up financings, so that a steady growth of the enterprises is promoted.

Companies & Startups
On the crowdfunding platform GREEN ROCKET, selected, innovative and sustainable companies are presenting the future themes of energy, the environment, mobility and health, which use the capital of the Crowd for their further growth. With the help of experienced experts from the world of business and science, GREENROCKET selects the best start-ups and companies and prepares them for crowdfunding. 

Through the capital of investors (the crowd), the company can reach its planned goals, grow faster and distribute profits. Now the crowd is also involved in the success of the start-up and receives an aliquot share from the annual profit as well as the company value. The legal basis for crowdfunding at GREEN ROCKET is a partial-ranking subordinated loan, which even involves investors in the event of a company sale. 


greenrocket GmbH, Wagner-Biro Strasse 100, 8020 Graz

Contact person: Wolfgang Deutschmann, Peter Garber

+43 316 2321 07

Size of company: S
Field of activity: Green Finance

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