Spice production by solar heat

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Spices production by solar heat

Company: TiSUN GmbH

Location: Kirchbichl, Austria


On the plant building of the Moguntia spice plant was installed a 220 m² solar thermal plant of the company TiSUN GmbH as well as four 5,000 liters of solar layer storage with spherical exchanger. The produced hot water is used for several cleaning and production processes. With the TiSUN solar system, Moguntia saves up to two-thirds of the energy required for hot water generation and thus significantly improves its energy balance. Up to 110 liters of heating oil per year are saved per m² of collector area.

This good practice example demonstrates the combination of the financial, ecological and image-related benefits

of a solar system in industrial plants.

The production complex of the Moguntia spice plant is produced with a high degree of automation throughout the material flow. The consistent use of cutting-edge technologies in all areas is an essential component of the company's philosophy.

For Moguntia, this investment is economically and ecologically the most efficient solution. Solarthermie fits the company philosophy of Moguntia and the claim to be the lead in the modern, sustainable energy application. In addition to the financial advantages, the existing company concept was strengthened.

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