ESSP-B: The innovative buffer storage for solar thermal systems and heat pumps

ESSP-B: The innovative buffer storage for solar thermal systems and heat pumps

Institution: ECOTHERM Austria GmbH

Location: Hartkirchen, Austria


Innovative components of the ESSP-B buffer storage unit from ECOTHERM allow it to be optimally combined with a solar system or a heat

pump. What is new is that two storage tanks are patented by ECOTHERM. These have the advantage that they are located in the hot water storage tank by the horizontal construction in a plane with the same temperature level. The consequence of this is that the temperature difference between the water in the register and the water in the store is always constant. Due to the high efficiency, the time for heating the water in the storage is minimal.

The flat tube registers are mounted in the storage medium, on the other hand directly above the storage floor. The special flat shape of the heat exchangers makes it possible to optimally heat the accumulator at different temperatures in the lower as well as the upper range, regardless of the available heat source.

In normal operation, the lower area of the accumulator is heated up to 45 ° C for the heating, which is possible, for example, by using a heat pump.

The upper storage segment is heated to 60 ° C., so that the water in the ball of stainless steel (see picture) is also heated to this temperature level and can subsequently be used as domestic water, for example for the shower. The spherical shape results in an optimal pressure distribution, the wall thickness of the ball has been reduced to a minimum and the heat transfer optimized.

The low installation height of the flat tube register allows an almost complete heating of the store to a constant temperature level. This also takes account of hygienic aspects, the key word legionella formation.

The two innovative registers in the storage unit, even when combined with a small solar system, enable an efficient and flow-free stratification of the hot water in the storage tank. Especially in the summer, the available energy of a solar system can be better utilized. Furthermore, the compact design of the ESSP-B reduces installation and operating costs. Areas of application of this novel technology are primarily single-family houses.