E-mobility as the driving force of the future

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Image description: The user controls the speed of the charge individually -easy or smart - via APPs on his smart phone.


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Enio GmbH

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Institution: Enio GmbH

Location: Vienna, Austria


E-mobility as the driving force of the future

Just as a swallow does not make a summer, the socket alone is not yet an infrastructure for electromobility. Registration or payment procedures at the shop must be uncomplicated and fast. Energy for electric cars must be properly distributed and, if possible, come from renewable sources, so is also the use of its own PV system optimally. In order not only to make this reality reality, but also to perfect it, the companies everynear GmbH and PDTS GmbH have brought together their know-how in the newly founded ENIO GmbH. ENIO can not only present numerous references and partners, including T-Systems, ABL-Sursum, ÖAMTC and E.ON, but is now jointly operating the ETSweb platform platform, the electronic petrol station web. ENIO is also active in innovative & nbsp; E-mobility projects in Austria, Germany, Slovenia and Slovakia. ENIO supports E.ON in the operation of e-fleet charging infrastructure. "We are the ultimate toolkit for e-mobility in the infrastructure sector, and we support internationally operating companies in this sector without going into the forefront."

ENIO is a partner of mobility providers, energy suppliers and fleet operators and offers this a mature and proven platform for

the operation of different manufacturers' shops. Via SMS, web access or APP, all important data such as start, end and speed of the charging, parking fees are controlled by the mobile or smartphone. Different payment methods and "much more" are available. With "much more", for example, a navigation service is addressed that finds the next free charging station with the right plug and the right power. If this is not enough, his electric vehicle can only be charged with electricity from photovoltaic or wind.

In May 2010, the construction of the intelligent electric vehicle stations across Austria was begun. In the meantime, more than 200 intelligent electrical charging points have been controlled by various manufacturers and for various partners such as E.ON and T-Systems with ENIO technology throughout Austria and since 2012 also in Germany, Slovakia and Slovenia. For the development of this know-how, the company EVERYNEAR GmbH received the state prize mobility in the "intelligent e-mobile" category in 2011 and has now inserted it into ENIO GmbH. In particular, fleet vehicles benefit from the possibilities to build up, expand and charge electrical charging points quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively, and to make them user-friendly and cost-effective.