BDI BioEnergy International GmbH


Since its founding in 1996, BDI-BioEnergy International GmbH has been developing resource-saving technologies for upgrading residual and waste products from industry and commerce. The company sets new standards in terms of innovative strength, technological lead, product quality and cost-effectiveness in line with the philosophy "from waste to value".

As the market and technology leader in the construction of customized and turnkey BioDiesel plants and in the development of technologies

for generating energy from waste, BDI supports its customers along the entire value chain.

The Styrian company acts as a missing link between the process idea and the turnkey production plant. As a reliable partner, BDI takes care of all the decisive project stages from research and development to raw material evaluation, project development, subsidy and financing management, authority, basic and detailed engineering, construction and commissioning right through to after-sales support.

Products & Services:


The customized BioDiesel plants work with the multi-feedstock process developed in-house. This enables a wide variety of raw materials (waste oils and fats as well as fresh vegetable oils) to be converted into valuable biodiesel.


BDI not only designs and builds BioDiesel plants, but has also developed a program to bring existing plants up to the state of the art, regardless of whether they are operated with BDI or third-party technology.


Process Solution

Decades of experience in R&D and plant construction as well as our own technical center provide the ideal conditions for developing and realizing customer ideas from laboratory scale to turnkey industrial plants.


BDI bioCRACK is a globally unique process for the production of biomass-to-liquid fuels. In the patented process, second-generation biofuel is produced from solid biomass and an intermediate product of the petroleum refinery.


BDI BioEnergy International GmbH, Parkring 18, 8074 Raaba-Grambach, Österreich, Austria

Contact person: Dr. Edgar Ahn

 +43 316 4009 100

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Field of activity: Green Energy, More Green