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AATT was founded with the mission to develop, produce and market groundbreaking new technologies in the field of thermal management.

ATT advanced thermal technologies was founded by two experienced executives from the automotive industry. The company's mission is to launch new technologies in the field of thermal management that open up new dimensions in efficiency and energy efficiency.

The ATT Powerfilm, which has already achieved technical success, was introduced as the first product. These are extremely thin and flexible infrared surface heating elements, which offer decisive advantages in the heating of interior spaces. Because of their load capacity and performance, they are suitable not only for the heating of vehicle interior spaces but also for the de-icing of aircraft support surfaces and for the thermal regulation of components such as radar sensors.

As complementary technology, ATT Powersense has been developed, an ice and moisture

sensor that can detect not only the presence but also the type of ice (clear ice, rue ice, ...) as well as fitting. The specially created control model and control unit ATT Powerlogic allows the interconnection of surface heating elements and sensors to an intelligent system, which can be integrated into conventional heating climate systems of vehicles and thus considerably expands its range of functions. Extensive research activities in the area of ATT R & D, which constantly generates innovations, complete the company profile.

Due to the extensive industry contacts, manufacturers of vehicles (passenger cars, trucks, rail vehicles and airplanes) are the focus of marketing and sales activities and have been merged into the Mobility segment. However, there is also great demand in the area of infrastructure (room heating, freezing of traffic systems and wind power plants) and process heating systems for medical technology and industry.

Products & Services

ATT Powerfilm
The ATT Powerfilm is an extremely thin and flexible infrared surface heating system based on lacquer, which enables a highly efficient and energy-efficient heating of interior spaces and thermal conditioning of technical components.

ATT Powersense
ATT Powersense is a completely new, patented ice sensor which not only detects the presence but also the thickness and composition of ice and water layers, thus enabling a highly efficient regulation of de-icing measures.

ATT Powerlogic
The ATT Powerlogic comfort control model and control

unit automatically calculates the correct manipulated variables for the ATT Powerfilm from a variety of input parameters, including ATT Powersense ice sensor data.

Success story:

ATT Powerfilm
The turbo start-up ATT revolutionizes the heating of any surface with the power film. At the Green Tech Innovators Club, ATT and Magna jointly developed the pilot project for the interior trim of passenger cars. Now the ATT Powerfilm is implemented and offers a much more efficient heating source a new combo experience and - in the case of electric vehicles - an additional range.


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