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Austria is an export country. This initiative was therefore launched in October 2002 for agricultural products, food and beverages. In 2005, this action was extended both to the fields of forestry and wood as well as to the environmental technologies sector. The successful action of the BMK and the Austrian Economic Chamber supports companies with professional export know-how and accompanies them in the internationalization of their sales markets.

The aim of the export initiative environmental technologies in particular is to support this industry individually in the advancing internationalization, to use synergies and to concentrate activities. Since then Austrian companies have been successful in their export efforts. The goal is to achieve an export increase of 60 to 80 percent by 2030.

The objectives at a glance: 

  • Fostering the export initiative as well as the cooperation of environmental technology companies.
  • Presentation of the innovative power and performance of Austrian environmental technologies abroad to contribute to an increase in the export of environmental technologies characterized by innovation, growth and sustainable development in the medium term.
  • Strengthening the export orientation of small, medium-sized environmental technology companies.
  • Promotion of country and company cooperation in the field of environmental and climate protection (elaboration of joint work programs for the operational implementation of the Memoranda of Understanding etc.).
  • Nation Branding.


In 2015, Austrian companies (the production sector) sold environmental technology worth EUR 9.7 billion. Of this, some 72% were exported (compared with 2007: 65.7%). Export of environmental environmental technology has been sustainably strengthened by export-oriented environmental and energy technology.

Since the launch of this initiative in 2005, over 400 representatives of more than 200 companies have participated in this initiative. About 90% of these companies are small and medium-sized enterprises. Due to this success, the export initiative could be extended to other markets such as China, the UAE or the USA and Canada at an early stage. Overall, the export initiative environmental technologies has been operating in 20 countries since 2005.






For participating companies in the context of Austria, showcases and economic emissions were Talks with potential customers on the spot. At each station, in order to increase the public awareness of Austrian environmental technologies abroad and thus contribute to an increase in the export of Austrian environmental technologies in the medium term, business guides have been launched and distributed in the respective country language. Information on the performance of Austrian environmental technologies is available in German, English, Chinese, Russian and Persian.  In addition, further economic missions and Austria showcases will be held by the WKO and the environmental technology networks in the federal states.

From the awareness about the responsibility for the preservation of our nature in Austria arise numerous future innovations. Through global exports of domestic companies, our country enjoys an excellent reputation when it comes to ensuring quality, progress and conscious use of resources. Further information regarding the Austrian environmenatl technology sector you'll also find here

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